good egg

Well, it’s clear now – I’m barren, my ovaries are unfruitful and my uterus a desolate waste land. I’m unproductive, obviously too old and shriveled to be any good.

And to think how I waited for hours at the walk-in clinic to get a repeat of the pill, what a waste of time, and I must definitely be suffering from folic acid poisoning, I’ve nearly finished a whole, bumper pack. And for no use, I’ve absorbed it all.

I’ve cut out alcohol, cut down coffee, started preconception vitamin supplements, eaten full fat diary at the start of my cycle, used an ovulation predictor to predict ovulation, been loving towards my husband at the appropriate times (and even at inappropriate times), gone back to fat free dairy, eaten pineapple and brazil nuts. And nothing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the boy was my last good egg (but what an egg)!

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